MayaSwara is all about my interpretation of music and musical interpretation of my perspective. Not to deny, perspectives are unique and give special qualities to individuals. Yet each perspective can relate to one's thought and influence the mind. My interest is to create what i feel can drive a stressed day into bliss or to forget anxiety about worldly issues and float in the world of musical notes (Swara in Sanskrit). Do you have an idea? Do you want to lend your voice? Do you want me to make music for you? Contact me and we can discuss.

Recent Articles

  • Best of MayaSwaraMayaSwara's latest album "Best of MayaSwara" is the first album to go international. With launch on multiple stores like iTunes, Spotify and Facebook. Listen & support us by buying if you like our music :)
  • What is new on MayaSwaraWe are going into vocal songs from our next album. This is really exciting and challenging. Your interest will keep us motivated. Contributors, feel free to contact us!
  • Interesting comment"Very good work! I like almost all of the songs. Amateur, amateur, but a good amateur! I can just lean back and relax!" - Zarina